"Hydrophonics USA"

"This is a brave, challenging CD with a difference which will reward those adventurous enough to seek it out." - Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK)
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A renegade instrumental-rock act that fuses early-60's surf riffs, aggressive blues guitar, and cool-jazz horns together for explosive sonics unlike any other!

The Hydrotones are:
Will Bongo: Space-Age Guitars, Sci-Fi Keyboards
Sean Collins: Chief Rhythmic Officer
Noah Red: Mondo Fender Bass

Miguel Angel: The Most Excellent Saxophones
Matt White: Ultracool Trumpets

Reviews for "Hydrophonics USA"

"More from the talented Bill Bechtel with a whole series of new originals this time in group format on what he describes as surf/blues/jazz - quite a combination. It's saxy and brassy with guitars, bass and drums driving it along at the same time. Unusual and fun album and well worth listening to - some of it is like a super rock hip Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass! Excellent musicianship. *** " - Davy, New Gandy Dancer (Issue 69)

Phil Dirt of Reverb Central on the track "Pachyderm Picasso": "Metal elephants dry chop and grind under edgy guitar until the break comes along, which has an elongated exotic feels to it, almost island adventurous."
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"A very unique album and it's nothing short of fantastic. I love the catchy rhythms and the great sax. Not many of the current surf and instro bands use saxophone, but it's one of my favorite components to many of the vintage surf and instro songs. The sound quality is excellent and the songs
are fresh and interesting."
- Tom Hinders
The Tsunami Soul Show / The Tsunami Soul Surf Site

"This is quite a radical and challenging piece of work... What we have is a tuff-sounding, tight and heavy-ish, mainstream rock rhythm section with a jazz-inspired saxman blowing hot and sassy over the top... This is a brave, challenging CD with a difference which will reward those adventurous
enough to seek it out."

- Pipeline Instrumental Review, UK (Spring 2003, No. 59)

"Surfy tunage from a new Bay area trio that features guitarist/local-music vet Bill Bechtel. For me, surf music that worships the traditional usually has a shelf life of about three tracks, but the Hydrotones keep things fresh with some frenetic sax and trumpet tracks, courtesy of Miguel Angel and Matt White, respectively. Bechtel also gets plenty of room to show off his chops, particularly in the creepy, swampy standout, "Theme from an Imaginary Cartoon." The horns, however, make all the difference. Decent stuff... Interestingly, this one's dedicated to that crew of hardcore kite surfers (including the disc's engineer, Josh Young) you might have seen trying to kill themselves at
Treasure Island Beach."

- Scott Harrell, Weekly Planet

"The chill in the air along the beach right about now means it's farewell to sun tans and sandy shoes, while it's prime time for some kite flying. This disc of modern-day surf tunes is dedicated to the twine n' tail crew that frequent Treasure Island, with guitarist Bill Bechtel and band twistin' the time away. Much like the saltwater scrawl of the Mermen, Bechtel's Hydrotones use the wavy vibrato and surging rhythms of surf music as a jumping off effort for their own instrumental adventures. Whether the Peter Gunn-like riffage for the thrilling "Espionage", the fatback fun of "Pachyderm Picasso", or the swelling chord structures for "Tsunami", the Hydrotones merge their serene, articulate playing with a classic, boss-hog sound."
- Focus Magazine

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